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Cordial Code is a consultancy firm offering services for all types of business projects. Founded in Kerala Nilambur more than 23 years ago, the company has built an extensive network and knowledge base that enables them to provide outstanding support to start-ups as well as established businesses. Cordial Code’s tag line is “Consultant For IPR And Industries” and it reflects their commitment towards helping clients identify opportunities from intellectual property rights management solutions, strategic partnerships and investments, market research (industry trends & competition analysis) etc.. The company has its main offices located in Canada’s BC province but also branches out in India – Kerala Malappuram. With its broad expertise accrued through decades of professional experience along with creative acumen generated out being a part of a mature l culture , Cordial code stand ready too became commerce facilitators par excellence giving boost up any size businesses .

The Cordial Code Company is an experienced provider of brand-naming services with over two decades in the industry. Our team consists of highly intellectual individuals with expertise in Trade Marks (TM), Registration (R) Export/Import, ISI Certification, FSSAI License, AGMARK Marking Systems, CE Certifications and more when it comes to safety protocols such as FSMS, HACCP and ISO Standards. We also help clients obtain Barcodes, APEDA registration and other related processes for their business growth endeavours. Overall we strive to provide top notch quality service ensuring complete customer satisfaction every time!

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