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Aby Paul was born on 26th November, 1975 in Nilambur. His lifetime is an impressive example of inspiring innovation and a dedication to paving the way for future success. In 1999 he established Cordial Code - a company that deals with providing services focused around innovative industries and start-ups. For 23 years Aby Paul pushed forward into uncharted realms, motivated by his passion for creating something new and remarkable. Even though tragically passing away on 20th December 2022, his legacy will never be forgotten and continues to inspire others all over the world to pursue creative solutions that make positive changes in their communities.

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Let us take care of all your legal and certification needs. With our expert advice, innovative technology, and extensive experience in the industry, we can help you streamline your business processes and ensure that you are compliant with relevant regulations. Our smart solutions will save time and money while helping you create a competitive advantage now and into the future.

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